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About Surge Point HR Talent LLC

Our mission is to provide experienced human resource executives and professionals for employment at organizations seeking to establish, maintain or enhance an effective HR operation.

We employ seasoned, energetic HR practitioners and strategists from Senior VP level to junior professional. Because we focus our efforts on HR, we are best able to develop a robust and diverse set of active candidate employees. And because we serve the local southwestern PA region, we have people available when you need them.

At Surge Point HR Talent, we do not try to be all things to all people: we do one thing - HR - and we do it well. Because of this concentration and understanding of HR issues, we are able to partner closely with you in defining the optimum staffing strategy for getting the best results for your organization.

Whether you are in need of temporary HR staff augmentation, want to see a prospective employee in action before making a commitment to hire, are looking to directly hire an HR professional or executive, or just need short term project work to get through a crunch, you can rely on us to have the talent you need.

The use of our HR employees for temporary assignments or stand alone projects will allow you to staff up to your “surge point” – that minimum level at which you sustain stable operations – and then add the skills and resources you need only when you need them. You save money and reduce employment risk, and you can fine tune the skills employed to the changing needs of the organization. It also provides more diversity of experience and competencies on your team, allowing you to serve your internal clients more effectively.

Our direct hire candidates represent some of the best talent in the region. By focusing on one discipline, HR, we can offer a depth and breadth of talent that is unsurpassed.

HR is a unique and critical part of any company, with its own specific demands and nuances. You should work with a firm that understands those subtleties. When you are dealing with what is probably the most costly and most important part of operating your business – your employees – you can’t afford to risk getting it wrong.

You can rely on Surge Point HR Talent to be here when you need us.


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